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The Hixson Utility District (HUD) was created pursuant to the Tennessee Utility District Law of 1937 on June 14th, 1941. HUD was started with 25 citizens residing within the boundaries of the Hixson community. We have since grown to approximately 28,000 customers. There were initially 15 miles of water line serving Hixson and we currently have over 450 miles of water lines within our service area. The first Board of Commissioners was W.P. Headrick, Dr. B.C. Roper and Ira Jones. Ira Jones served as President of the Board of Commissioners until 1966.

Today, HUD serves one of the fastest growing areas in Hamilton County. We have kept our rates low while continuing to offer quality water. In the past few years we have performed several upgrades to our system, such as now using Automated Meter Reading (AMR) to quickly and accurately read all water meters in the district. 

The HUD Board of Commissioners meets every third Wednesday of each month, at 3:00 PM, in our office at 5201 Hixson Pike.



Hixson Utility District provides water service to a customer base of about 28,000 accounts. The District is fortunate to have a source of high-quality water provided by nature through an underground aquifer.


our promise

  • To Provide Exceptionally High-Quality Water to Hixson and the Surrounding Areas at Low Rates

Board of Commissioners

Jeff Davis


Rebecca Hunter


Philip Schofield



Greg Butler

General Manager

Jeff Elrod

Assistant General Manager