Warning Concerning Third-Party Payments

Recently, Hixson Utility District (HUD) has seen an increase in customers making third-party payments. Third-party payments are payments that pass through an outside financial institution before reaching HUD. With many banks and credit unions now offering online bill pay services, customers are often finding this an easy and low-cost way to pay their bills. 

While we gladly accept payments made in this manner, it's important for customers to understand that third-parties do not always remit payment to HUD on the date the customer initially authorizes the payment. A customer may see the money removed from their checking account, but that does not guarantee HUD has received it. Third-parties often advertise electronic payment, but this may only apply to what the customer sees. The actual payment could arrive at our office by check several days later. If a payment is not received at our office by the first or final due date, the customer is still responsible for any penalties or fees assessed, including delinquency fees. Water service will still be disconnected if payment is not received by the final due date.

If you are using a third-party payer or your bank to pay your HUD bill, please be aware that a delay is possible. We recommend authorizing your payment as quickly as possible from the time you first receive the bill. If making a payment online through an institution that is NOT your bank, please be aware that the only HUD-approved online bill pay service is Invoice Cloud. If you don't see the Invoice Cloud name or logo on the page, you may be on a site that is subject to payment delays.

Bill payment through Invoice Cloud is always delivered to us instantly, and is available by clicking here to access their portal or by following the "Pay Online" link on our home page. You may also choose to sign up for our automatic check withdrawal, which is a free check-draft service that instantly drafts payment from your account on the first due date. You may enroll at our office, or download the enrollment form here and return it to us via email or fax.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (423) 877-3513.