At any given time, you may see our field staff in your neighborhood. Hixson Utility District (HUD) staff is always identifiable as they will be driving white trucks with the blue "HUD" logo on the side. Most of our work is routine maintenance or emergency repairs and will be completed quickly.

Occasionally, we have larger projects that may interrupt your service for a short period of time. Notice for this type of work is given via automated phone call. Please make sure we always have your best contact information on file in case work is planned for your street. During these projects you may see contractors in non-HUD trucks performing work, but a HUD supervisor should be on site. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call our office and ask for the construction supervisor.

Current and soon-to-begin projects are listed below. Check here periodically for updates.

Lakeside Circle/Lakeside Drive/Lake Breeze Lane Main Replacement

Starting in mid-January, work will begin in the vicinity of Lakeside Circle to upgrade older 2.25" diameter water mains with larger ductile iron pipes. This allows for greater water flow and lower maintenance costs in the future. Lines that are replaced are chosen due to past history of issues, whether it be breaks or cracks in the line, leaks, etc.

Along with Lakeside Circle, this work will also affect Lakeside Drive and Lake Breeze Lane.

During construction, you may see heavy equipment and machinery on your street. Lane closures may be necessary at certain times. While water service should continue for the duration of the project, there may be short intervals where service will need to be turned off. This is usually done during the day when the least amount of people are affected. For any questions, please feel free to call us at (423) 877-3513.

Updated January 2020