Fire Hydrant Use and Information

Fire hydrants are an essential tool for our local fire departments. Hixson Utility provides water to a number of hydrants in our service area. In addition to fire department personnel accessing these hydrants in times of need, you may also see Hixson Utility employees (wearing blue "HUD" clothing) accessing them to perform routine maintenance. 


Occasionally you may see other individuals or contractors accessing these hydrants. Any individual or contractor accessing a fire hydrant in Hixson Utility's service area MUST have an authorized hydrant meter and permission from Hixson Utility to be using the meter. Absolutely NO access to hydrants is allowed to private individuals and/or companies without authorization from Hixson Utility. Failure to comply with this standard may subject the offender to a Theft of Water charge. 

There are five fire departments authorized to pull water from these hydrants - Chattanooga Fire Department, Red Bank Fire Department, Soddy-Daisy Fire Department, Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department, and Sequoyah Volunteer Fire Department. 

Temporary Hydrant Usage

Hixson Utility maintains a stock of hydrant meters that are available for temporary usage. These are typically used for construction purposes. If you or your organization is in need of a temporary water source, feel free to call our office to inquire about a hydrant meter. You can call us (423) 877-3513. 

Routine Hydrant Maintenance

As fire hydrants are a critical part of the Hixson Utility distribution network, routine maintenance is needed to ensure the system is functioning properly. Most noticeable to the public is hydrant flushing. Flushing is done for multiple reasons - to ensure the hydrant is operating, to ensure there is adequate water flow in case of a fire, and to remove sedimentation that may have built up in water pipes. If you see a large volume of water flowing from a hydrant, and there are Hixson Utility trucks and/or employees nearby, flushing is likely taking place. 

Fire Hydrant Colors

Fire hydrants are painted a variety of colors that are used by the local fire department to determine the hydrant's fire-fighting capability. Please do not attempt to paint a hydrant a different color or repaint the existing color. If you feel a hydrant is in need of painting, please give us a call.

Unauthorized Hydrant Use

If you are aware of someone attempting to connect to a fire hydrant in the district, or you are concerned that a hydrant is currently being used by an unauthorized individual/contractor, please call us immediately at (423) 877-3513. You can leave a message after-hours and a supervisor will return your call as quickly as possible. Unauthorized hydrant usage is a serious matter and will incur a Theft of Water charge to anyone proven to have opened a hydrant without Hixson Utility permission.