Protecting Those Pipes

Another winter season has come to the Chattanooga area. While the actual weather can be unpredictable, having water on-tap at all times, regardless of the temperature outside, should not be. 

Now is the time to take precautions if you are worried a pipe may freeze, or have one that has done so in the past. Make sure to check around your home for any pipes that may be exposed to colder air. This can include areas such as garages, crawlspaces, and outdoor spigots. Insulate a pipe if necessary. Make sure spigots are off and covered. Keep garage doors down to keep the interior as warm as possible. 

If you know a pipe will be exposed to colder temperatures, try to leave a nearby faucet slowly dripping with cold water. Also, keep the pipes under a sink warmer by opening cabinet doors. 

If you try to open a faucet and there is no water, a pipe may be frozen. Apply heat to adjacent piping (via a hairdryer, space heater, etc.), making sure to not get the heat source too close to the pipe. Turn the faucet on to allow water to come through once it has thawed. 

Know your home, and make sure to have a plan of action any time temperatures drop below freezing. Other helpful tips can be found via the Red Cross at www.RedCross.org, or from the State of Tennessee.

Do you already suspect you may have a leak, regardless of weather conditions? Visit our Potential Leak page to help assess your situation.

If you do not have water and don't think frozen pipes are the issue, feel free to call us at (423) 877-3513. If you are calling after hours, please leave a message under the appropriate menu option and a supervisor will return your call soon.