Water Main Replacements 2016

Overall Main Replacements

Replacements in Valleybrook


In order to upgrade our system, Hixson Utility District replaced several older cast iron water mains in calendar year 2016. The pipes replaced were 2.25" in diameter, and are being replaced by larger ductile iron pipes. This allows for greater water flow and lower maintenance costs in the future. Lines that are replaced are chosen due to past history of issues, whether it be breaks or cracks in the line, leaks, etc. The two maps above show the overall upgrades to our system (map on left), and a zoomed in view of the Valleybrook neighborhood (map on right), where several of the repairs were concentrated. Click on either map for greater detail.

In 2017, we will continue to replace older lines. Starting in February you will see our crews on Koblan Drive in Hixson. The replacement here is expected to take about 30 days to complete. When a repair is done to your water main, please understand that there may be times when it is necessary to turn off the water service to your home. However, we strive to keep these interruptions minimal. If you have any questions about planned work, feel free to call our office at (423) 877-3513.